My Story:

 I guess this whole thing started as a teen.  Makeovers on my friends, homemade bathroom facials.  I've always loved it.  My official career as an esthetician began in 2009 in my hometown of Little Rock, AR when I went to school to become a licensed esthetician.  After working odd jobs in the industry for my first few years I took a more permanent position at an organic spa and wellness center.  There I learned many new facial techniques and skin therapies as well as beginning my training in eyelash extensions.  It was during this time that I learned the affects of toxins on the body and how many of these nasty things were in most skincare and makeup lines.  From then on I devoted my career to using organic products and teaching others about how skincare and makeup can play a big part in their health.  

In 2014 I left my home and moved to Nashville, TN to further pursue my career.   In my first two years in Nashville I worked primary as a lash artist and built an exclusive clientele including celebrity musicians and actresses.  I also became a brand ambassador for Borboleta Beauty, the leader in our industry when it come to professional lash products.  After six years as an esthetician I decided to branch out of the lash industry and go back to school.  In 2014 I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn even more about health and wellness.

Now I spend my days at an amazing organic salon and spa called "Pure" where I do lash extensions, organic facials and skincare, waxing, and makeup.  With all of my training I'm able to advise all of my guests on how to age beautifully from the inside out.  So much of what we see in our skin is a direct reflection on what's going on internally.  I can help by choosing the right makeup and skincare as well as talking about diet and lifestyle choices.

My most recent venture has been working for a new makeup company called Limelight.  Limelight is professional grade makeup that just happens to be cruelty free, paragon free, and packaged in eco friendly containers.  All things that are very important to me.  I'll be using this line in all of my professional applications as well as selling it to you!

In the end I've realized that I'm really a teacher at heart.  I even taught piano for six years somewhere in all of that time!  I truly love learning and passing on what knowledge I have to help others look and feel beautiful and healthy, inside and out.